Shivangi Asthana

Shivangi Asthana

Entrepreneur Staff
Former Correspondent - Entrepreneur India

I am a Correspondent at Entrepreneur India, reporting news on SME, funding and investment of Indian business. Previously, I was working with Thomson Reuters as a journalist covering Global News & at Forbes Group covering interior design and architecture section. I am a post-graduate in Journalism from Mumbai University & graduate in Engish literature from Hindu College, DU. You may reach me at 


Oyo Innov8(ing) the Business Plan

After six years of building the unicorn, OYO marks its debut in the commercial real estate sector and acquires Innov8 for Rs 200 crore approximately

Create Closet of Memories with Godrej Almirahs

Godrej Group, which started as part of the 'Swadeshi Movement' in 1897, continues to gain a strong foothold in India despite revolutionary changes

Find your Sport Buddy through these Apps

Sports apps prepare you for the next big championship like never before! Find your game partner through the apps so that you never miss the opportunity to play

Meet the Makhana Man - Start-up that Leads you to Healthy Munching

At a time when corn puffs were the only option for snack munching, Mr Makhana was just the crunchy move to provide a wholesome alternative to unhealthy binging

Superbottoms Changes the Diaper Business in India

From changing diapers to starting a diaper business, Pallavi Utagi, Founder, Superbottoms, took the traditional route and introduced cotton-based reusable diapers as an alternative to the disposable diaper industry

India's Water Comrades Fighting Through the Crisis

Taking up the water challenge, start-ups are disrupting the ecosystem in search of better times. We bring you five start-ups that are safeguarding our precious resource

Making of a Mega Basket as Spencer's Retail Acquires Nature's Basket

The Rs 300-crore deal of Spencer's Retail Acquiring Nature's Basket is expected to add muscle to Spencer in the western India market

Banyan Nation Finds Smart Ways to Deal with Waste

Banyan Nation uses artificial intelligence and advanced technology to build waste management system

Tracing Berger Paint's Growth Journey

From catering to only industrial customers, the company now reaches the retail market in a significant way

Let's Have A Yogic Affair

Going nuts with nutrition and breaking the monotony from healthy eating, Nutty Yogi finds a sweet spot amidst leading 'nutty lives but with yogic food'

3 Apps That Show You Money Instantly

With professional financial help, three apps allow you to apply for a paperless loan, invest in stocks or manage financial data

6 Entrepreneurs Share Hacks to Expand Business Online

Six entrepreneurs share their struggle and success in growing the business. Especially, with such strong growth potential in online business, you can't afford to go unnoticed.

Adding Dum to Biryani

With rise in Biryani orders, six start-ups venture into biryani business as being maharajas and share insights from preparation to packaging the dish in their unique ways

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