Stephen Perun and Sebastian Wedeniwski

Management Lead for Automotive Vehicles; Chief Technology Strategist

Stephen Perun is offering management lead for automotive and connected Vehicles for IBM's Watson IoT Business Unit and has worked with automotive and electronics clients for 25-plus years. Sebastian Wedeniwski is a chief technology strategist at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and was an IBM distinguished engineer and chief technology officer for IBM's Global Industrial Sector, and part of the IBM Research & Development Laboratory in Germany. He is a trained mathematician and scientist. Their new book is My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life: Digital Divorce from a Cognitive Personal Assistant.


Science & Technology

Why You Should Treat Your Business Like a Robot-Car: 4 Keys to Surviving Radical Change

It might be accurate to call the car of the future a cognitive mobility capsule. The term wouldn't be out of line for your future business, either.

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