Suzanne Paling

Suzanne Paling

The Accidental Sales Manager Guide to HiringSuzanne Paling is the principal consultant of Sales Management Services, a consulting and coaching firm in Boston. She's the author of The Accidental Sales Manager, published by Entrepreneur Press. It was a finalist for a Best Books 2010 Award from USA Book News and a bronze medalist at the Axiom book awards. She is also author of The Accidental Sales Manager Guide to Hiring.


No-Cost Ways to Increase Your Sales This Year

You don't need to spend a lot to win a lot of sales in 2012.

4 Signs a Sales Pro Will Be a Good Hire (Hint: Think Money)

Money motivation is the one factor that sets apart great salespeople from the mediocre ones, or worse.

Employees Get Performance Reviews, Why Not Customers?

Sharing your data in an annual meeting can be a good way to build stronger relationships with customers and increase sales.

Five Ways to Beat Prospecting Anxiety

These tips will help your sales reps push through rejection to drum up new business.

When to Set Sales Performance Reviews

Why frequency counts in making your sales team more productive.

Hiring Your First Salesperson: How to Pass the Torch

Four ways to let go of the sales role and forge a good relationship with your new hire

How to Set Sales Goals for Employees

Use these tips to start new reps on the right foot, and raise productivity with existing staff.

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