Tina Mulqueen

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO of Kindred Marketing Company

Tina Mulqueen writes and speaks about sustainable entrepreneurship, highlighting the increasing need for brand accountability to consumers, commitment to social justice, the platforming of marginalized voices and dedication to environmental sustainability.



Advertisers Are Focused on Feelings. Why Does That Matter?

Brands need to understand how mood-based ad targeting impacts consumers.

Green Entrepreneur

What Is Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and Why Does it Matter?

Are entrepreneurs ethically responsible to create a better world?

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

What My Kids' Roblox Addiction Taught Me About the Metaverse

While business leaders are speculating about the metaverse, our kids are already living in it.


Lo que la adicción a Roblox de mis hijos me enseñó sobre el metaverso

Mientras los líderes empresariales especulan sobre el metaverso, nuestros hijos ya están viviendo en él.


¿Qué es el espíritu empresarial sostenible y por qué es importante?

¿Son los empresarios éticamente responsables de crear un mundo mejor?

Growing a Business

3 Powerful Internal Communications Tips to Become a Better Business

Every mistake in business stems from a failure of communication. Fortunately, communication skills are easy to acquire with some intention. Here's where you might start.

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