Vasundhara Shankar

Vasundhara Shankar

Legal Head,

About Vasundhara Shankar

A fierce lawyer with a proclivity for management and sales, Vasundhara is MyAdvo’s prime mover. Wearing many hats at MyAdvo, she is currently heading Start-up Sales Department, Content & Digital Marketing Department, HR Department and Legal-tech Product Development Team.

Her keen interest in everything legal, inculcated and developed at Symbiosis Law School, Pune motivated her to pursue diverse fields of law. She has worked with an Intellectual Property Firm, a Criminal Lawyer and an NGO in the past. A philanthropist by nature, Vasundhara likes to devote her time to free education & health camps for children and women.

Before starting to work with MyAdvo, Vasundhara was working with Singh & Singh Lall & Sethi, a marquee Intellectual Property Law firm.

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