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Victor Smushkevich is the CEO of Tested Media, an award-winning full-service digital-marketing agency that specializes in driving targeted customers.


Money & Finance

NFTs Are So Much More Than JPEGs

From the moment the 'CryptoPunk #7523' digital pixel artwork sold at a June Sotheby's auction for $11 million, NFTs became an investor darling, but why, and what is their future?


Los NFT son mucho más que los JPEG

Desde el momento en que la obra de arte digital de píxeles 'CryptoPunk # 7523' se vendió en una subasta de junio de Sotheby's por $ 11 millones, los NFT se convirtieron en los favoritos de los inversores, pero ¿por qué y cuál es su futuro?

Social Media

How to Harness the Full Power of Audio for TikTok Ads

A study revealed that TikTok is the only social network where ads with sound generate significant lifts in purchase intent and brand favorability.


Cómo aprovechar todo el poder del audio para los anuncios de TikTok

Un estudio reveló que TikTok es la única red social donde los anuncios con sonido generan aumentos significativos en la intención de compra y la preferencia de marca.

Social Media

Here's Why Not Being on TikTok Is a Huge Mistake

If you think TikTok is just for Gen Z, think again. Here's how to use the platform to your business's advantage.

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