Vinnie Lauria

Managing Partner at Golden Gate Ventures


Grab, GoTo, and Sea: Who Has the Formula For Superapp Supremacy in Southeast Asia?

The fascinating question isn't simply who will win, but how. Grab, GoTo and Sea have forged different routes toward owning the app cluster that rules them all

The Future Of Work Is Work-on-Demand. Startups Worldwide, Including in Southeast Asia, Are Providing the Means

Many new companies want flexible staffing to feed growth, while others emerge to provide and support the human capital required

Buy Now, Pay Later: Here's Why Southeast Asia Could Lead the Boom

It's expected to be the fastest-growing form of digital purchasing in the years ahead, with transactions projected to reach nearly $350 billion worldwide by 2025

How To Put Real Zoom Into Virtual Board Meetings

Some best practices from CEOs that can lead to more productive and painless meetings for all concerned

For Innovation In Insurtech, Look to Asia

Several factors make Asian markets a prime breeding ground for new insurtech products and business models. For openers, the markets are huge

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