Warith Niallah

CEO of FTC Publications, Inc.

Warith Niallah is a media executive, journalist, author and information technology specialist. He has been dedicated to journalism since 1988 and is adept at seeking the truth, protecting sources and knowing if the information is accurate, forthcoming and reliable.

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Mejores prácticas para despedir respetuosamente a un empleado

La terminación del empleo puede ser un proceso emocional, pero no tiene que ser irreflexivo o cruel.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Best Practices for Respectfully Letting an Employee Go

Employment termination can be an emotional process, but it doesn't have to be thoughtless or cruel.

Thought Leaders

9 Potential Signs of Corporate Espionage

It's a challenge knowing when and how competitors steal secret business information.


9 señales potenciales de espionaje corporativo

Es un desafío saber cuándo y cómo los competidores roban información comercial secreta.

Starting a Business

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Area for Your Business

The geographical area of your business can ultimately affect how much you make.


3 factores importantes a considerar al elegir un área para su negocio

En última instancia, el área geográfica de su negocio puede afectar la cantidad que gana.

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