Willow Kaii

Online Business Mentor

Willow Kaii is the CMO of Becca Luna Education, a Partner in The Wealthy Web Designer, The Showit Site Canvas Library and Bold x Boho, a Showit website template shop for spiritual female entrepreneurs. Willow specializes in digital product ideation, evergreen marketing funnels, and monetization strategy for creatives.


Starting a Business

How to Price Your Services as a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager

Just starting as a virtual assistant or social media manager? Here's your go-to guide for how to price your online service for maximum authority, leads, and profit.

Iniciar un negocio

Cómo cotizar sus servicios como asistente virtual o administrador de redes sociales

¿Acabas de empezar como asistente virtual o administrador de redes sociales? Esta es su guía de referencia sobre cómo fijar el precio de su servicio en línea para obtener la máxima autoridad, clientes potenciales y ganancias.

Growing a Business

7 Trends Every Online Service Provider Needs to Know in 2022

These seven trends are set to define the online service provider landscape in the new year.

Estrategias de crecimiento

7 tendencias que todo proveedor de servicios en línea debe conocer en 2022

Estas siete tendencias se establecen para definir el panorama de proveedores de servicios en línea en el nuevo año.


Rich Pins on Pinterest: How to Use Them to Skyrocket Your Organic Sales

In the Pinterest world, there're average pins, and then there are rich pins.

Starting a Business

What is a Pinterest Manager, and Why Do Businesses Need One?

The role description, tasks, and responsibilities of a Pinterest Manager - and why you might want to be one!

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