Coach and expert in high performance real estate investment

French real estate investor, coach and entrepreneur, Xavier Preterit has helped hundreds of clients successfully enter the real estate investment industry. As a real estate investment expert, he runs companies that help people invest in high yielding real estate to achieve financial security.

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7 of the Most Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Real Estate Investors

Don't fall into these seven common pitfalls of the real estate sector.

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Do You Need Real Estate Training to Succeed? Here's What You Should Consider.

If you are thinking about getting into real estate in the long term, relying on luck or instinct is not the best option. Indeed, not everyone succeeds in this business and the risks are up to thousands or even millions of dollars.

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6 Skills Every Real Estate Investor Must Master

To grow your wealth with real estate investing, you need to master several skills, but these six skills are crucial for your success.

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Want to Invest in Real Estate Remotely? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Succeed.

Remote real estate investing is possible and easier than you may think. Here are six tips to help you get started.

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Here's Why You Need a Real Estate Investment Coach in 2022

Those who are new to the field, investing in real estate can be scary. Here are a few reasons you need a mentor or coach.

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Do You Have the Mindset of a Successful Real Estate Investor? Let's Find Out.

When real estate investors become successful, it is obviously the result of their hard work, but it is mainly due to their mindset. Do you have the mindset to succeed as a real estate investor?

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