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30-Day Sales Plan Checklist Reach your sales goals with the 10 action items on this sales plan checklist.

What if you could take your sales to the next level in just 30 days? It's more feasible than you think--especially when you break the process down into small, achievable steps.

Use this checklist, adapted from Barry Farber's feature article, "Sales Shape-Up," to set your plan in motion.

Keep a Positive AttitudeEvery 30 days, create a list of the people you spend the most time with. Place a plus sign next to those who uplift you. Place a zero next to those who've had neither a positive or negative impact. Place a minus next to those who affect you negatively. Develop your relationships according to this list.
Map Out Your GoalsBrainstorm your sales goals for at least 15 to 30 minutes each week. Try to list at least 20 ideas. Choose one to act on immediately.
Gain AccessWhen you've found a potential client with a great ROI, mail them useful magazine or newspaper articles that address what's important to them. Mail an article to one key prospect a day.
Ask QuestionsNext time you meet someone new, during the conversation, listen for 70 percent of the time and talk for only 30 percent. Do not share anything about yourself until you've learned what they do, their interests, hobbies, etc.
Offer Stellar ServiceMake a list of your top customers and call one each day. Ask them this: "Is there anything I'm not doing for you that I could be doing to serve you better?" Solve the problems that they bring up, and you'll have more loyal customers than if they'd never had any problems at all because they've seen your efforts in action.
Differentiate Your BusinessList three things that differentiate you and your message in a positive way from your competition, and keep them at the ready to present them at any time.
Sell ValueWhen customers challenge the price of your product, your company and even you, what they're really asking is, "What am I getting from you that I'm not getting from your competitor for that additional investment?" You should have at least three reasons that explain why you're unique and why they should buy from you. Write these reasons down and memorize them.
Follow ThroughDon't just follow up on a sale--follow through. Review the criteria the customer had prior to making their decision, and when you make your follow-up call, ask them, "How has our company delivered on your key needs?" Then ask, "What can we do now to keep you as a lifelong customer?" Also, be sure to ask what times are best for keeping in touch. Then use this information to create customized outlines of long-term follow-up steps for each customer.
Create a Sense of UrgencyEnd every sales call with a question or statement that will either close the deal or move the sale along in the right direction. If you feel yourself getting so overwhelmed with your daily activities that you're forgetting your end goals, write the question "What can I do right now to make the most productive use of my time?" in your daily planner and look at it throughout the day to stay on track.
Turn Obstacles Into OpportunitiesAny time you face an obstacle, a rejection or a setback, look at it as a learning opportunity. Face them head-on with action: Increase your sales activity; call mentors and others you respect to gather their insights for your next move; make a list of things you can do to get yourself back on track.

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