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7 Blockchain-Related Job Opportunities to Watch for In 2020 The scalable technology is poised to achieve mainstream adoption.

By Ejiofor Francis

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Blockchain technology is becoming one of the hottest skills in the IT job market. According to a recent survey published by Deloitte Insights, 86 percent of respondents agree that blockchain technology is scalable and will eventually achieve mainstream adoption. Another survey by Upwork, the world's largest freelance network, further confirmed that blockchain is among its cohort's top 20 fastest-growing skills.

There are many tech giants looking for candidates with blockchain expertise, but you have to be armed with the necessary knowhow in order to make a reasonable living working in what's stil a niche industry. Here are seven of the hottest, most hireable blockchain skills to look out for in the year ahead.

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Content Writing

The demand for blockchain writers is dramatically increasing, but this particular job opportunity isn't something you just jump into; you need to have deep knowledge about blockchain technology and, most importantly, the right technical skillset to create educational copy about products and services that's also accessible.

Other writing opportunities surrounding blockchain include landing pages, blog content, news and white papers. You don't have to understand all the technicalities in blockchain to be a good content writer, but beginners should at least possess general knowledge and deep research abilities. You can anticipate a minimum wage of $15-$30 per hour.


A recent study estimated that the demand for blockchain developers who are skilled in javascript, C++, python, cryptography and machine learning grew by 115 percent between 2016 and 2017. Every organization needs a proficient blockchain developer who will help them integrate blockchain technology to improve their services to their clients, both existing and prospective.

Meanwhile, here are the most preferred skills organizations are looking for: expert in C++, .NET, MVC, HTML, Visual studio, Microsoft SQL server, AJAX, SOAP, REST, Agile Scrum, Neutral-network and XCOD. The average hourly rate is typically between $60-$100.

Web Designer

Companies are on the lookout for web designers who can create mind-blowing user interface (UI) designs that would work on both mobile and web applications. If you're a gladiator in this field, polish your armor for some order. Average hourly rates are generally between $30-$70.

Crypto Trading

Just like forex trading, crypto trading is a very risky investment. To make worthwhile profits from this, you need to be armed with more than just the right technical skillset; you need a reliable and transparent crypto broker platform like CryptoRocket that gives you, in its own words, "the opportunity to trade on institutional grade liquidity from major global investment banks as well as fully transparent liquidity execution providers."

Crypto Community Manager

This kind of manager plays a very significant role in the success of any crypto project, especially in creating awareness and interacting with prospective clients. It would be difficult for a startup to succeed without the aid of a community manager, and with so many existing and upcoming crypto-based companies, there will surely be a need for their services. Average annual salary could fall anywhere from $55,000-$120,000.


With the increasing rate of blockchain integration, many companies are looking for engineers who are skilled in spotting company tech needs and creating a blockchain app to address them. To easily get hired, you need to have a high level of skills in Java, Ripple, Hyperleger Fabric, Solidity, Oracle Identity, Bitcoin and database management. Average annual salary is likely to range between $60,500-$81,000.

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Legal Consult

Considering the high level of uncertainty surrounding the blockchain industry, it's no longer news that there's a need for qualified legal consultants who can provide advice on structuring a legal framework for ICO, STO, TGE and other developments that are now under greater regulatory scrutiny. To get hired, you don't have to be a tech specialist, but you must have a corresponding degree, license and basic knowledge about blockchain to protect companies from all legal issues. Average annual salaries characteristically vary from $80,000-$150,000.

Ejiofor Francis

Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer

Ejiofor Francis is a freelance writer, researcher, physicist and advocate of high-quality digital marketing. He has over five years of experience helping companies create winning content distribution strategies. You can check out his company website for more information.

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