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8 Accessories to Help You Work Through the Winter Cold

Working from home should be cozy.

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You may not have to bundle up to commute to work anymore, but you probably don't want to run the heat all winter long, either. And with more time working remotely, there's more to consider around your home as the winter weather sets in. Fortunately, there are some great items that will help make your WFH winter easier to bear. 

FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses

Mask requirements aren't going anywhere so if you wear glasses, you'll need FogBlock. FogBlock is the simple, non-toxic, streak-free solution to ensure your glasses don't fog up when you wear a mask. Just spray it on and it will work for 24 hours.

Get the FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses for $11.05 (Reg. $14) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV. 

Heated Ice Scraper With Flashlight

If you ever have to run out for an errand in the morning or night (it's always dark in winter), this tool has you covered. This ice scraper has an integrated heater to help melt ice and a flashlight so you can see what you're doing. It's a must-have for your car.

Get the Heated Ice Scraper With Flashlight for $15.30 (Reg. $34) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV. 

Classic Magnetic iceScreen™

Speaking of valuable tools for your car, the iceScreen™ is another must-have. This simple screen clips magnetically to the outside of your windshield, preventing ice and snow from building up. That way, your car is always clear of snow and ice.

Get the Classic Magnetic iceScreen™ for $21.25 (Reg. $29) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV. 

NoBendz Snow Shovel

You need to be able to shovel out of your home, at least so the kids can get outside and blow off some steam. The NoBendz shovel is designed for any shoveling challenge. With an adjustable length and ergonomic handle, it will help you shovel out of any situation, no matter how awkward the angle.

Get the NoBendz Snow Shovel for $34 (Reg. $49) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV.

Saltnets Snow & Ice Melting Mat

These non-toxic, non-slip mats are a must for any snowy area. Just lay one down outside and you'll always have a place to step when the snow builds up outside your front door. It actively works to de-ice the ground around it, as well, giving you a pathway to the outdoors.

Get the Saltnets Snow & Ice Melting Mat for $34 (Reg. $49) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV. 

iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater

Add a touch of class and practicality to your home office. This space heater is designed to look just like a real wood-burning stove, while delivering even more heat. It works mechanically or by remote control, with an adjustable thermostat so you can always keep the temperature just right.

Get the iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater for $50.96 (Reg. $99) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV. 

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater

This Indiegogo-funded device can keep you warm in the most frigid winter temperatures. This clever heater hooks into any coat, giving you an efficient source of heat right next to your body. You can easily change heat settings with the power button or transfer Torch to different coats.

Get the Torch 2.0 Coat Heater for $57.80 (Reg. $99) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV.

SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater

Keep your office warm without running up an enormous electric bill. This ingenious space heater pairs with the SOLUS+ app to give you complete control over the temperature. You can schedule heatings, set up heating zones, and much more to ensure you're never wasting any energy.

Get the SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater for $278.80 (Reg. $410) with coupon code: SAVE15NOV.