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A Commitment to Excellence

Russel Creek Winery focuses on making the best possible wines they can, truly deserving every one of their accolades.

A Commitment to Excellence

Russell Creek Winery
Walla Walla, Washington

The idea of owning a winery had never occurred to university students Eileen Crosby and Carl Potter when they first visited Russell Creek Winery a couple of years back. As enthusiasts, they had put Russell Creek at the top of their list of spots to visit due to founder Larry Krivoshein's stellar reputation as a maker of premium red wines. They were delighted to meet Larry and spent a good deal of time listening as he poured one delightful vintage after another and told them his story.

The winery was founded in 1998 on a small farm along the banks of Russell Creek. The wines were first made with a hand-operated wine press and five-gallon carboys. As business grew, Larry moved the winery to the Walla Walla airport, where several vacant hangars and bunkers used during World War II for Air Force training became an ideal location for several area wineries to produce and sell their wines.

Despite Russell Creek Winery's success, its commitment to full-bodied, casually elegant wines has remained steadfast. As a result, accolades abound. Wine Spectator alone has honored more than 10 Russell Creek wines with scores of 90 or above. Eileen and Carl were equally impressed with the wines, and as Larry finished his story, the young couple--who had intended to go on to graduate school--sensed a change in their destiny.

When Larry remarked: "Now I only wish I could find someone to teach what I know about making wine and pass my business on to them," the two jumped at the chance.

"We wanted to be those people," Eileen says. "And here we are."

After teaching as much as he could to Eileen and her now-fianc� Carl, Larry passed the torch and assumed the role of winemaker emeritus, which means he can travel while the young couple carry on his fine winemaking tradition. The story of Russell Creek Winery continues happily for Larry, Eileen, and Carl, and all who taste their wines.

What to buy:
'07 Sangiovese Crushed blackberry, hint of lemon, almond. 100% Sangiovese. $32
'07 Tributary Earthy strawberry, hint of oak, cherry, burst of lemon $20
'05 WS Syrah Coffee, dark berry, spice $35
'05 Winemaker's Select Cabernet Sauvignon Black cherry, currant, mocha, black pepper $50

509.301.0061; Fax: 509.522.6515
301 Aeronca Ave
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Tasting Room Open Daily 11-4

Getting there:
From Hwy 12, take the airport exit toward Port Walla Walla. Turn left on Airport Rd. Airport Rd becomes A St. Turn right on Aeronca Ave. Winery is on the left.

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