Beware of These 10 Franchise Ownership Myths What to consider when weighing a decision to become a franchisee.

By Joel Libava

This story originally appeared on The Franchise King

You owe it to yourself and your family to read my list of the top 10 franchise business ownership myths.

If you don't read them-and understand why they are myths, something bad could come your way and it's going to involve a very loud sucking noise.

That's right: You could be sucked down franchising's black hole – along with most or all of your money.

I'm going to wager that you'd like to avoid being sucked down any hole, black or otherwise.

So, let's do this.


In no specific order, here they are.

  1. It's almost impossible to fail
  2. Franchises provide a proven system, so they are automatic money machines
  3. To be successful, all you have to do is follow the franchise's system
  4. Franchise companies help you with everything
  5. Franchises have lower risk than independent business startups
  6. Franchising is easy, because everything is all set up for you
  7. Franchises are turn-key businesses; all you have to do is "turn the key" to the door of your franchise business every morning
  8. Franchises are great for entrepreneurs
  9. Absolutely nothing is negotiable in a typical franchise agreement
  10. Franchise business loans are a lot easier to get than non-franchise loans


Myth: Any invented story, idea, or concept. Related: fable, legend.

Now that you know the definition of a myth is, let's find out why the franchise business myths listed above are…you know…myths.

1. It's impossible to fail as the owner of a franchise.

We can even go with "almost impossible," as that powerful two-word punch can get the job done just about as well.

The fact is that anyone can fail in any type of business. And, while the franchise business model is the best business model that's ever been invented, it's not a perfect one. Either are humans. Stuff happens. Franchises that were once hot get cold. Locations that were once thought to the "best" sometimes turn out to be dogs.

2. About those proven systems…

Who have they been proven to and in what volumes?

It's one thing to create a pizza masterpiece for friends and family; it's quite another to produce it over and over again in a very consistent and systematized manner.


An entrepreneur starts an airport pick-up and delivery company. This person grows the business…in this case by adding vehicles. The topic of turning the business into a franchise is bounced around almost daily, and he or she likes that idea. Lots of entrepreneurs consider the franchise model at least once as growth plans are being discussed. But, ultimately, the decision will rest on whether or not the business is easily replicable, and whether or not systems are already in place (or can easily be put in place) to make the business highly efficient and highly profitable…but not an automatic money machine. Those don't exist.


3. Following the franchise system=instant success.


If becoming a successful franchise owner only involved some good old-fashioned rule-following, more franchisees would be successful. In other words, there are lots of things that go into successful franchise ownership.

Improving your chances of success as a franchise owner really have to do with the things you do before you buy the franchise that you're interested in. If you're interested in learning about the things you need to do…things that will greatly improve your odds of success and at the same time, massively lower your financial risk, grab my eBook below. I guarantee that you will learn the best way to choose, research, and buy a franchise (that will make sense for you) or I'll refund your money. And, you get to keep the eBook.

4. Franchisors provide it all.

Mostly they do. But all?

Here's what franchisors provide:

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Operating system
Their experience
Formal training
Purchasing Power
Marketing systems
Real Estate assistance

You'll receive those things as a franchise owner. What you won't receive has to do with what you bring to the table.

Things like:

Business acumen
Business ethics
Management skills
Operations skills
HR skills

You can probably add to that list, but you get what I mean.

You have to bring the best you to your business.

If you can do that, and use the business systems and support that your franchisor provides, you're chances of success in franchising greatly increase.

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Joel Libava is a franchise ownership adviser best known as The Franchise King®. He is the author of Become A Franchise Owner! The Start-Up Guide To Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do (Wiley 2011).

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