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Get Approval From The Better Business Bureau

With a BBB seal on your Web site, you'll give your business the trustworthy image it deserves.

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To obtain authorization to post a seal from the Better BusinessBureau (BBB) on your site, you must be a member of your local BBB,provide information about the owners and managers of your company,agree to an on-site inspection, have a satisfactorycomplaint-handling record from the bureau, promise to respondquickly to customer complaints, and agree to arbitration to resolveany issues regarding your online practices.

Customers visiting your site can click on the seal, whichverifies your participation in the program and provides additionalinformation about your company.

As online commerce increases, customers are seeking assurancesthat they won't be cheated. The Better Business Bureau seal mayserve such a purpose. For more information, contact the bureau

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