Shake on It

Have you mastered this nonverbal secret to communicating confidence to prospects?

Experts say how you shake hands says a lot about who you are andhow you feel about yourself. To send a positive message to clientsor business associates, extend your hand with the thumb up andopen. Wrap you fingers around the other person's hand and shakeonce or twice from the elbow, not the shoulder. This results in afirm handshake that is neither too weak nor too strong.

At networking events, make sure you keep your right hand free soyou'll always be ready to shake hands. That means carrying yourbriefcase or purse in your left hand. At cocktail parties, holdyour glass in your left hand so your right one doesn't get coldor wet.

In our culture, handshakes mean a lot. Make sure you do it everytime you're introduced to someone and at the beginning and endof every meeting.

Excerpted from Get Smart: 365 Tips To Boost YourEntrepreneurial IQ

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