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Subway Debuts Unit in Corporate Cafeteria

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Colchester, Connecticut--Subway has opened its first site in a corporate cafeteria in Connecticut. S&S Worldwide, a catalog distribution company, announced that a Subway franchise has opened in its cafeteria. Subway has more than 3,000 locations worldwide, about 40 of which are in the business and industry category. For example, there is a Subway at an Eastman Kodak plant in Kentucky.

Mark Rich, the franchisee who owns and operates the new location, said the venture is worthwhile, although revenues don't compare with a regular franchise. Rich said his main Colchester location earns between $1,200 and $1,700 a day, while the S&S location pulls in between $300 and $350 a day.

Officials at S&S brought the idea to Rich, because they knew many of their employees were eschewing the vending machine sandwiches in the cafeteria and driving down the street to Subway during their lunch breaks.

S&S employees can phone in orders to the Subway and then pick them up from the refrigerator. The company also expects to offer employees the ability to e-mail their Subway orders within the next month. -Nation's Restaurant News

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