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Horrifying Video Goes Viral After 67-Year-Old Woman is Attacked by Amazon Driver

The Alameda County Sheriff's Department said that the woman was hit around 10 times and might have suffered a broken nose.


A horrifying new video has gone viral after an altercation between an Amazon delivery worker and a 67-year-old woman was caught on camera.

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A 67-year-old woman, who has remained anonymous as she is "too shaken up" to talk to any sort of media, was attacked outside her California home by 21-year-old Iztel Ramirez, who was dropping off packages on behalf of Amazon.

In the surveillance video, the resident can be seen having a verbal altercation with Ramirez and seemingly mouthing the "b" word.

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As she turns her back to go inside her home, Ramirez lunges at the woman and begins punching her repeatedly, even swinging her keys and striking the woman with them on her face.

The two continue to yell at each other after Ramirez backs away from the woman, who appears shaken as she attempts to unlock her door and go back inside her home.

"It is frightening to see an Amazon driver do that," says Doug Smith, property owner of the Vista Creek apartment complex where the woman lives. "Someone who we allow onto the property and expect to provide us a service."

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Ramirez was taken into Alameda County jail and was booked on one count of elder abuse and a second count of battery involving serious bodily injury, her bail being set at $100,000.

The sheriff's department said that the woman was hit around 10 times per a 911 call made and that she may have suffered a broken nose, among other injuries.

Fox KTVU reported that the altercation began due to a misunderstanding over an alert that communicated the woman's package was delivered, only to find that the package had not yet arrived in the lobby of the building. The woman then asked Ramirez where the package was, and the argument spiraled from there.

Amazon spoke out about the incident and shared that Ramirez is no longer employed by the company.

"This does not reflect the high standards we have for drivers who deliver our packages," Amazon said in a company statement. "We take these matters seriously, and this individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages."

Ramirez's arraignment is set for Monday. She maintains that she acted out of "self defense."

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