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These Are America's 50 Most Patriotic Brands in 2023 Here are the top 50 brands consumers consider the most patriotic right now.

By Chelsea Brown Edited by Jessica Thomas

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Brand Keys, Inc. has released the results of its 22nd annual survey of America's most patriotic brands. The survey identifies the top 50 brands that consumers believe "best embody the value of 'patriotism'" each year. This year, Brand Keys surveyed 6,150 consumers aged 18-65 who evaluated 1,260 brands. The sample of consumers was balanced for gender and political affiliation.

Brand Keys' founder and president Robert Passikoff pointed out in a press release announcing the list that "These brand rankings do not mean to suggest that other brands are not patriotic or don't possess patriotic resonance or intent. But the brandscape is now more challenging and partisan. Viewing brands through the lens of patriotism has gotten more complicated and more exacting. Today it takes a lot more than wrapping yourself in the flag."

Several brands have consistently been ranked on the list since it began 22 years ago. Some brands have now lost their spot on the list altogether, while others have earned their spot on the list for the first time this year. Why is that? Let's take a look at 2023's most patriotic brands in America and explore what makes a brand "patriotic."

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America's most patriotic brands in 2023

According to Brand Keys, "The assessments evaluate brand resonance for the single value, 'patriotism,' with the following brands identified as best meeting today's patriotism challenges." The numbers in parentheses signify the brands' position in the rankings (higher, lower or the same) compared to last year's list. See the top 50 most patriotic brands in America for 2023 below:

1. Jeep (–)

2. Disney (–)

3. Ford (+2)

4. Coca-Cola (–)

5. Levi Strauss (+2)

6. Amazon, Coors, Walmart (-1, –, -3)

7. American Express, Hershey's (-2, +1)

8. Apple (-2)

9. Jack Daniels (+4)

10. OpenAI (new)

11. Ralph Lauren (+1), Domino's (-1)

12. Sam Adams (+5)

13. Colgate (+3)

14. Pepsi Cola (–)

15. Harley Davidson, Dunkin' (+5, –)

16. Wrangler (+1)

17. L.L. Bean (+6)

18. FOX News, MSNBC (+1, +7)

19. Old Navy, USAA (+7, -1)

20. WeatherTech (new)

21. Gatorade, Weber Grills (+2, new)

22. Jim Beam (new)

23. Kellogg's (-1)

24. Nike, Wilson Sporting Goods (–, new)

25. Dollar General, AT&T (+1, –)

26. Smith and Wesson (new)

27. McDonald's (–)

28. NFL (+6)

29. MLB (+3)

30. John Deere, NBA (-1, –)

31. KFC, Goodyear (+3, new)

32. Gillette (+2)

33. Costco, Macy's (–, new)

34. New Balance (+4)

35. Dick's Sporting Goods (–)

36. Craftsman (new)

37. Shinola (new)

38. Starbucks (–)

Brand Keys emphasizes that the U.S. Armed Forces is always No. 1 on the list. The survey focuses on for-profit brands each year, but the company also includes assessments for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. The company reported that consumers have rated the armed services No. 1 every year since the survey began in 2002.

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Analyzing the results

This year's survey yielded several interesting results. First, Jeep has now claimed the No. 1 spot for the 22nd year in a row. Apple has moved down two spots this year after having moved up six spots in 2022. L.L. Bean moved up six spots, while Old Navy and MSNBC both climbed up seven spots in the list.

WeatherTech, Weber Grills, Jim Beam, Wilson Sporting Goods, Smith and Wesson, Goodyear, Macy's, Craftsman and Shinola were all ranked for the first time this year. However, Pfizer, Netflix, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CVS, Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, Google and Clorox — all of which had earned spots in the top 50 of last year's list — fell off entirely this year.

The Brand Keys press release notes: "Brands that engage via emotional values, especially one as strong as 'patriotism' always see increased consumer engagement, better consumer behavior toward the brand and, ultimately, better profits. In most cases six times better."

Furthermore, Pasikoff explains that "brands consumers feel are patriotic always have a strategic advantage to win consumers' hearts, minds, and loyalty. And when you can do that, consumers don't just stand up and salute, they stand up and buy!"

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So, what exactly does it mean to be a patriotic brand? Brand Keys indicates that these 50 brands were able to make meaningful and emotional connections to consumers when it comes to the value of patriotism. These are the brands that go deeper than surface-level red, white and blue marketing. People believe these brands truly care about their consumers, and as a result, their marketing efforts feel more authentic. Brands like these will likely always make the list and have loyal customers because they're able to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

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