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Rats! Tesla Won't Pay for Rodent Damage to Cars: Report

Rats are eating the soy insulation used on wiring the cars.

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Some Tesla cars have a rat issue. But apparently that's not the automaker's problem, according to New York Post.

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Tesla Owner Sarah Williams, a physician in New York, says she discovered the issue in May when she took her Model 3 in for air conditioning repairs at a dealership.

"They opened the glove compartment and a rodent fell out," she said. "It's crazy."

The rat had chewed through several internal wires, attracted by the soy insulation used for them. But that damage is beyond the company's scope, according to an email that Williams shared from Tesla Service Advisor Jose Solis:

"Most auto manufacturers use the soybean vs. oil in their wire insulation for newer vehicles because it is less expensive and better for the environment. The use of this material would not be considered a "defect' in design or use… Considering there are too many factors outside of Tesla's control we cannot cover this under a warranty or repair."

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In fact, many automakers have faced criticism for using the seemingly rat-attracting wiring and failing to pay for damage --- which they claim is the result of nature.

Honda discussed efforts at a class-action case against the company in Illinois with the Chicago Sun-Times:

"It is a long-established fact that rodents are drawn to chew on electrical wiring in homes, cars or anywhere else they may choose to nest."

Meanwhile, Williams says she paid $59,200 for her car and doesn't think people should buy Teslas until the company adds rodent-proofing.

"For me, if I'm going really fast on the highway and I reach for something in my glove compartment and a rat crawls out, it could be a catastrophe. Who cares if you have this great technology if a rat is in there eating the wires?"

Williams has been waiting for her car to be repaired for over a month. Costs are expected to top $5,000.

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