Coping With Frustration

The best employees know how to handle their emotions.

We all get frustrated when things don't go the way weexpect. Outstanding employees know how to control theirfrustrations, which is an attribute that you want to discoverduring the interview process. They will get frustrated, but willthey quickly dismiss frustrations with events they have no controlover? For example, a purchasing agent may get frustrated over highinterest rates, which are making it difficult to buy equipment thecompany needs. However, she will get over it quickly because sheknows there's nothing she can do to change the situation. Thelast thing you want is to hire an employee who is perpetuallyfrustrated with things that she has no control over. To find outhow a candidate can cope with frustration, ask her: "What wasthe most frustrating aspect of your last position?"

Excerpted from Attracting & Rewarding OutstandingEmployees

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