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Starbucks Tests Ordering Drinks Through Facebook and Instagram

Starbucks is making it easier to order popular, off-menu drinks.

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Starting Tuesday, customers can swipe images on Facebook and that will take them to a special Starbucks webpage to order either an Iced Latte with Chai or the Pink Drink Remixed, reports CNN.

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Both are seeing big demand. The matcha-chai drink gained a following earlier this year after a mention by TikToker Robin Swann:

"I recently discovered the best drink in the world … Iced Matcha Latte with two pumps of chai, tastes like drinking the moon herself."

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Singer Lizzo also posted a video of herself with the light green beverage, whispering "Try it."

The Pink Drink Remixed, meanwhile, is a variation on the company's Pink Drink which has been on the menu since 2017: a Strawberry Acai drink with a coconut milk base. In 2016, the Pink Drink developed a fan base after customers substituted coconut milk instead of water. The current "Remixed" version improves on it by adding a topping of vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson says customized drinks helped raise the company's spending-per-order in the first quarter of the year. And the company's taking note, says spokesperson Sanja Gould.

"Anything that we can do to help the [employee] and customer experience, we definitely want to do."

Gould says the test run on social media sites simplifies the ordering process for both sides by allowing customers to click and order rather than having to specify all details of the drink.

Gould wouldn't say, however, how long the drinks will be available.

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