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Elon Musk is Partnering With Pepsi in an Attempt to Disrupt the Shipping Industry

The billionaire took to Twitter on Thursday to announce the roll-out of the long-awaited Tesla semi-truck.


Amid Elon Musk's quest to have influence in what seems like every industry, a new endeavor puts the billionaire and Tesla right in the heart of the shipping industry.


On Thursday, Musk announced that Tesla will roll out a semi-truck model, which is meant to take on deliveries for large companies. The first of these big companies set to partner with the electric vehicle company will be PepsiCo.

Musk shared that the first deliveries for the company will roll out on December 1 of this year.

The Tesla CEO then followed up by revealing that the semis can drive in a 500-mile range without needing to be charged and are "super fun to drive." He did not give further detail on how big the fleet of trucks being produced was or how Tesla plans to deploy the trucks to the company.

PepsiCo. did not publicly comment on Musk's announcement.

Tesla's semi-truck was originally announced in 2017, though factory and supply chain issues have continued to delay its production to fruition. Reservations for the vehicles were originally set at $20,000 but upon visiting Tesla's website, appear to be closed.

Back in August, Musk told Tesla hopefuls that the semi-truck would begin shipping in 2022 and that the largely anticipated Cybertruck would begin shipping in 2023.

Tesla's partnership with PepsiCo. will be the first of its kind in the beverage industry as it will provide an all-electric fleet of delivery vehicles.

Tesla was down just shy of 14% in a one-year period as of Friday morning.

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