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'The Greatest Trade of All Time': $13,000 Worth of Shiba Inu Coin Bought Last Year Now Worth $5 Billion

But since the investor's wallet has been 'inactive' for 192 days, their ability to access the funds is in question.


In what some are calling "the greatest trade of all time," a Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) investment of approximately $13,000, made just last year, has grown to a staggering $5 billion. That's an estimated 38,461,400% increase.

Shiba Inu coin, named for the memeified dog breed, is the joke spin-off of popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE).

But it's unclear if the unknown investor will actually be able to access the funds. The wallet has been 'inactive' for 192 days, with no buys, sells or transfers in that time.

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News of the colossal investment comes after SHIB soared to record highs over the weekend, which continued after a crypto whale bought $11.5 million worth of the tokens on Monday. Although SHIB's price dipped temporarily by 15% after Elon Musk, known for his tweets that move crypto markets, shared that he didn't own any of the meme coin, it's since continued to climb.

Last night, in a shocking turn, SHIB outpaced DOGE in market cap. SHIB's price is currently $0.00007642 with a market cap of $42 billion while DOGE's sits at $0.307222 with a market cap of $40 billion.

Despite SHIB's recent gains, the "top dog" title, according to many, still goes to DOGE. Although it's also a meme coin, DOGE wins in terms of community, store of value and genuine use cases in the industry.

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