The Top 20 Tech Investors to Follow on Twitter

Following these investors can give you insight into the types of startups they find most interesting and the markets that are ripe for disruption.

By Megan Rose Dickey

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

If you follow the right investors on Twitter, you can gain a lot of insight into how they think, the types of startups they find most interesting, and markets that are ripe for disruption. 

PeekAnalytics, a social media analytics company, ranked the top tech investors on Twitter based on influence

PeekAnalytics did this using its PullQuotient metric.

"Influence, for the purposes of this calculation, is gauged by how well connected someone’s Twitter followers are not just on Twitter, but across sixty social sites, compared to the average consumer," the description on PeekAnalytics reads.

Note: PeekAnalytics last updated the list in February 2013.


20. Dick Costolo

Firm: Angel investor

Twitter: @dickc

Pull: 900x

Followers: 1,018,589

Average Network Size: 1,272

Lachlan Hardy

19. Fred Wilson

Firm: Union Square Ventures

Twitter: @fredwilson

Pull: 906x

Followers: 413,986

Average Network Size: 1,928

18. Om Malik

Firm: True Ventures

Twitter: @om

Pull: 1,065x

Followers: 1,315,494

Average Network Size: 1,170


17. Richard Simmonds

Firm: Angel Investor

Twitter: @RichSimmondsZA

Pull: 1,066x

Followers: 132,849

Average Network Size: 6,287

Jeff Kubina

16. Tim Ferris

Firm: Angel Investor

Twitter: @tferriss

Pull: 1,083x

Followers: 413,986

Average Network Size: 1,251

Chris Sacca

15. Chris Sacca

Firm: Lowercase Capital

Twitter: @sacca

Pull: 1,089x

Followers: 1,401,888

Average Network Size: 1,037

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14. Jeff Pulver

Firm: Hafooch Investments

Twitter: @jeffpulver

Pull: 1,101x

Followers: 492,648

Average Network Size: 2,377

13. Jason Calacanis

Firm: Angel Investor

Twitter: @jason

Pull: 1,173x

Followers: 154,193

Average Network Size: 3,093

Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

12. Mark Cuban

Firm: Angel Investor

Twitter: @mcuban

Pull: 1,466x

Followers: 1,303,074

Average Network Size: 685


11. Tim O'Reilly

Firm: O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

Twitter: @timoreilly

Pull: 1,496x

Followers: 1,625,326

Average Network Size: 1,051

10. Gary Vaynerchuk

Firm: Angel Investor

Twitter: @garyvee

Pull: 1,572x

Followers: 985,812

Average Network Size: 1,402

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9. Kevin Rose

Firm: Google Ventures

Twitter: @kevinrose

Pull: 1,635x

Followers: 1,381,642

Average Network Size: 1,033

Current TV

8. Al Gore

Firm: Generation Investment Management

Twitter: @algore

Pull: 1,779x

Followers: 2,529,

Average Network Size: 646

Parabolic Ventures

7. Jonah Lupton

Firm: Parabolic Ventures

Twitter: @JonahLupton

Pull: 1,805x

Followers: 595,152

Average Network Size: 938

6. Evan Williams

Firm: The Obvious Corporation

Twitter: @ev

Pull: 1,932x

Followers: 1,620,217

Average Network Size: 1,073

5. Biz Stone

Firm: The Obvious Corporation 

Twitter: @biz

Pull: 2,139x

Followers: 1,984,595

Average Network Size: 1,115

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Vivian Giang / Business Insider

4. Jack Dorsey

Firm: Angel investor

Twitter: @jack

Pull: 2,139x

Followers: 2,311,789

Average Network Size: 643

richardbranson via YouTube

3. Richard Branson

Firm: Virgin Investments

Twitter: @richardbranson

Pull: 2,567x

Followers: 2,571,412

Average Network Size: 643

Idea Champions

2. Guy Kawasaki

Firm: Garage Technology Ventures

Twitter: @GuyKawasaki

Pull: 2,867x

Followers: 1,288,913

Average Network Size: 2,294

1. Ashton Kutcher

Firm: Angel Investor

Twitter: @aplusk

Pull: 4,697x 

Followers: 14,256,594

Average Network Size: 356

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