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United Airlines to Halt Flights to 11 U.S. Cities

Business Insider first reported on the changes to United's regional routes.


United Airlines will stop flying to 11 small-sized cities around the United States indefinitely as the airline industry continues to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Business Insider first reported on the changes to United's regional routes. Per the outlet, here are the 11 cities that the company will no longer serve:

  1. Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Michigan

  2. College Station, Texas

  3. Mosinee, Wisconsin

  4. Columbia, Missouri

  5. Klleen-Fort Hood, Texas

  6. Evansville, Indiana

  7. Lansing, Michigan

  8. Monroe, Louisiana

  9. Pierre, South Dakota

  10. Watertown, South Dakota

  11. Twin Falls, Idaho

Other carriers will still be serving the small cities on the list. College Station, for instance, will still have American Airlines service, as will Columbia. In addition to American, Allegiant and Delta airlines are still operating in the cities they were serving.

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South Dakotan cities Pierre and Watertown will be served by Denver Air Connection, a charter and scheduled passenger airline. Those cities, according to the outlet, qualify for federal subsidies under the Essential Air Service program. That ensures small communities will still have service from a commercial airline.

"Many different factors determine a successful route and our decisions include careful evaluation of our overall network, fleet, resources at our regional partners, and yields," the company told BI. "With that in mind, we have determined that these particular routes are not sustainable for the long-term."

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