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Where the Money Is

Not all venture capital firms are after the high-tech market.

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While high-tech is still the most prevalent industry in whichventure capital companies invest their dollars, nearly any kind ofbusiness has the potential to receive venture capital. In fact,according to the Middle Market Advisory Services ofPriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), a growing number of venture capitalfirms are going after low-tech or no-tech businesses."There's a lot of money out in the marketplace," saysSidney Andrews of PWC. "There are funds for every type ofindustry. It's a matter of knowing where to look."

The key is finding a venture capital firm that matches yourbusiness. For instance, a venture capital firm with partnersexperienced in real estate and commercial development will likelyinvest in companies involved in home building or propertymanagement. Some venture capital firms have more than one targetindustry or accept inquiries and proposals from all industries.

Excerpted from Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up GuideYou'll Ever Need

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