Victoria's Secret launches store for its beauty products on Amazon The iconic brand, which previously only sold directly through its stores or e-commerce platform, is exploring new options to reach its potential consumers.

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For the first time in its history, Victoria's Secret , the iconic lingerie brand, is teaming up with a retailer to bring its beauty products to the consumer . The chosen store is nothing less than Amazon where more than 120 brand products are already available, including perfumes, creams, lotions and exfoliators. Greg Unis , CEO of Victoria's Secret Beauty Division, explained: "Through research and customer feedback, we've heard that consumers want to buy Victoria's Secret Beauty (products) in the Amazon store. This is a natural channel extension so we can continue to grow our beauty business and reach customers where the products they love are."

The change in Victoria's Secret strategy is in line with a trend in which well-established brands that previously only sold directly in their stores or websites are beginning to use stores such as Target, Nordstorm or Amazon to reach their potential customers. .

Victoria's Secret has chosen to start this stage by offering beauty products (and not lingerie) because of the simplicity that it implies, since beauty products do not come in different sizes.

As Unis explained in a statement , the consumer already entered Amazon looking for Victoria's Secret merchandise only to find products from other brands. Products from Victoria's Secret and PINK Beauty are now available for purchase, including Bombshell, Tease, Cool & Bright, Love and Heavenly fragrances.

In August 2021, Victoria's Secret has spun off Bath & Body Works and is looking to reach potential customers through previously unused channels. According to an internal company report , sales of Victoria's Secret and PINK beauty products totaled $900 million during fiscal year 2021. The company is betting on increasing this number with its presence on Amazon, where it already has its own section .
Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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