Video: Random Act of Kindness at Dollar General Store Goes Viral Cashier wins hearts with her display of compassion at an Illinois store.

By Entrepreneur Staff

Professional bass angler Gerald Swindle posted a video detailing a random act of kindness from a Dollar General employee in Vienna, Illinois that has gone viral.

In the video, Swindle details how a Dollar General cashier named Emily Duncan did something small but impactful. Rather than politely brushing off a chatty older woman to keep the checkout line moving, Duncan stopped and had a real conversation with the 85-year-old woman, who revealed herself to be a Navy veteran.

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"You were super patient with this lady. You did nothing but engage with her conversation. You welcomed her conversation. You listened to every word she said, and you never rushed her," he explains. "You showed me what people are to be. You should always embrace that and not want to rush people out of a conversation. Sometimes it might be the only person they talk to this week. You inspired me and sometimes I need that, so I appreciate it."

The video has garnered millions of views, per Fox Business News. Dollar General recognized Emily's thoughtfulness through their Kindness campaign, which nominates employees to provide a $1,000 donation to a worthy organization. In honor of Emily's act of kindness, Dollar General made a $1,000 donation to Vienna Elementary School.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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