Business Idea Center - Computers

Computer Repair Technician

Are you a computer geek? The world of CPUs can use your savvy tech know-how.

Computer Upgrading Service

As technology advances at record speed, providing the occasional update may be the right niche for you.

New Computer Sales

With new models constantly coming out, the market for computers continues to boom.

Computer Cleaning Service

Almost every employee in an office has a computer. And all of those computers need to be cleaned.

Used Computer Sales

Help find unwanted computers a new home.

Computer Delivery and Assembly Service

This service could prove invaluabe for people who are busy or intimidated by technology. There are plenty of both.

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Take your tech knowledge to the streets and help people with computer problems.

Computer Training

Use your computer smarts to teach others how to use their software and hardware.

Computer Training Camp

Teach kids to be computer experts with your tech knowledge.