Wellness and Support Blog for New Mothers

Startup Costs: $100,000 +
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? No

Among the many topics bloggers could potentially direct to an audience of new moms are lactation counseling, healthier sleep habits, weight loss and overall wellbeing, all of which also represent rapidly-growing markets. So, plug into a virtually limitless range of interests among this passionate group of readers, and in the process build a platform that has the potential to quickly develop real and enduringly profitable traction.

Ask the Expert: Kathryn Morrow, Owner and CEO of Kathryn Morrow Online

What are the current trends in motherhood blogging and what type of person is a great fit to try this?

The individual elements of this business are absolutely booming right now. Sleep consulting and lactation counseling are growing industries. When you compliment them with information about women’s weight loss and overall health, which are likewise topics consistently growing and evolving in the public consciousness, the results are impressive.

Any woman who is passionate about motherhood while having a satisfying and rewarding career would be an incredible fit for this role. Bonus points if you are passionate about health.

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How much money can a person expect to make in the first year and in five years?

Starting out, a new coach can expect to make $1,000 per month for a few hours of work per week, and that can grow exponentially as you receive more training. $10,000-plus per month is an attainable goal within six to 12 months.

What kind of experience/training do you need?

We do all our training and certifications in-house, so the only prerequisite is the desire to learn and to help others. A great attitude and love for others will get you far in this role.

What do you wish you’d known when you were starting out?

That word of mouth is your best friend. Oftentimes when people start businesses, they want to make their first six figures in the first month, which isn’t always realistic. When you focus on your first few clients, their reviews are going to spread like wildfire and your client base is going to explode naturally. It doesn’t take long, but rushing this process won’t help. Every step is an essential piece in your training and development, and patience is key. If you are passionate about what you do, and you truly care about clients, the money will start rolling in.

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Who are your customers?

Women with children under the age of 5 make up the majority of the client base, and new customers can be found anywhere. Organic marketing is the best way to start until you start generating decent revenue. Once you do, paid ads are essential to scaling a business to six figures. In this industry, the best place to find ideal clients is in moms’ groups (in person or online). Building organic relationships is the best way to start; once people know you and your services, and have learned to like and trust you, you will be their go-to.

Are there any resources you recommend that were extremely valuable in getting your business off the ground?

Whatever you do, hire a good coach. Having someone to guide you and help eliminate a lot of the errors new business owners inevitably make is essential in getting to that six-figure goal the fastest. And if you’re going for seven figures, you will likely not be able to do that without an amazing network of coaches.

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