Business Idea Center - Online Businesses

Genealogical Researcher

Love research? Help others go through their family tress as a genealogical researcher.

Online Researcher

Have your nose in the net all day? Monetize your research time.

Online Contract Forms

Contracts are a part of everyday life for businesses. Cash in on this need by offering the forms online.

Information Consultant

Use your strong research skills to start an information consulting business.

Public Opinion Service

Love surveys? Start a public opinion service.

Internet Trainer

Use your web savvy to help others get online.

Web Design

Create professional, beautiful and functional websites for your clients.

Online Entertainment Coupons

Make cheap entertainment even easier to find by putting coupons online.

Online Spokesperson Directory

Create a database of people who can help businesses with their PR efforts.

Online Art Prints

Sell art prints to customers anytime, anywhere with an online store.

Online Franchise and Licensing Opportunities

Start a database for those seeking opportunities to buy into a business.

Online Children's Camps

Help parents find the right camp for their kids with an online directory.

Online Community Web Site

Bring people with the same interest together online.

Domain Name Broker

Match marketable domain name owners with willing buyers.

Online Trade Show Directory

Compile information about trade shows across the globe online.