Aakanksha Tangri

Founder, Re:Set

Aakanksha Tangri is founder of Re:Set, a resource platform for fostering gender, inclusivity, mental health and well-being.



Ramadan Offers Brands A Chance To Practice Meaningful Inclusivity

While reaching out to audiences during Ramadan definitely serves brands from a business perspective, it is important to practice what you preach.

Growth Strategies

Four Ways I Dealt With Imposter Syndrome As A Female Entrepreneur In The UAE

According to one study, 75% of women in leadership positions have experienced imposter syndrome across their professional journeys, and if you're a woman of colour, that feeling is amplified.

Growth Strategies

How To Understand Your Internal Dialogue Before It Overwhelms You

The past year has been so chaotic for a lot of us that our internal dialogue is often magnified with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you're looking for some ways to understand yours before it overwhelms you, here's how.

Growth Strategies

Destigmatizing Conversations Around Mental Health At Your Workplace: The How-To

The days of a stoic leader are gone, people now want their managers to be transparent, to embrace vulnerability and show that they are human.

Growth Strategies

How To Empower Ourselves (And Those Around Us)

We often lift and support others, but how many times do we extend the same kindness and thoughtfulness to ourselves?

Starting a Business

How Entrepreneurs Can Foster An Inclusive Culture In Their Startups (From Day One)

In the midst of launching a startup, one of the crucial components entrepreneurs need to think about is company culture, and the atmosphere they would like to foster as they build their organization.

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