Abdulla Abu Wasel

Partner, Young Arab Leaders, and Managing Associate, Wasel & Wasel

Abdulla Abu Wasel, an active partner of Young Arab Leaders and the Managing Associate of Wasel & Wasel, is a graduate of the University of La Verne, holding a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. He is a certified Legal Technician and Paralegal in the State of California, along with a Contract Law certification from Harvard.

Abdulla trained under the former Chief Justice of the UAE Supreme Court, advising on cases varying from bounced cheques in relation to identity theft to force majeure regarding insurance disputes to the private sector employee laws and how they affect a corporation. He has also worked on matters regarding the structure of the court and the implementation of the legal interest. Abdulla is proficient in commercial arbitration, gathering evidence, preparing and reviewing legal documents, developing litigation strategies, and supervising legal assistants.

Abdulla also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Directors of The Hague Institute for Global Justice.


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