Abdullahi Muhammed

Founder and CEO, Oxygenmat

Abdullahi Muhammed is a writer, entrepreneur and the proud founder and CEO of Oxygenmat, a content marketing company. He regularly writes for Forbes, The Huffington Post, and a few other sites.



Growth Strategies

Why Entrepreneurs Should Keep Up With New Technologies

Successful entrepreneurs will make it a point to dedicate at least some time to becoming aware of new technological trends, and even test driving them.

Growth Strategies

How to Deliver A Great Localized Customer Experience

Customers are king and expect to be treated as such.

Starting a Business

Four Challenges (Millennial) Social Entrepreneurs Should Account For When Running Their Businesses

If you're about to start a social enterprise, you need to realize that social entrepreneurship comes with its unique challenges.


Stay In School: Five Reasons Why Wannabe Entrepreneurs Should Pursue Higher Education

While there are certainly success stories involving college dropouts, the truth is that a large number of people will benefit personally and professionally from completing their degrees.

Growth Strategies

Five Ways to Create Epic Content (Even If You Have Zero Copywriting Experience)

While you may believe that competing with the millions of other bloggers furiously typing on their Macbooks from local cafes is an impossible task for a grammar flunkie, the truth of the matter is, this actually makes things easier!

Starting a Business

Nine Common Legal Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

In the haste to get the businesses off the ground, entrepreneurs focus on everything but the legal considerations of operating a business. And these are the very things that can bring you down.

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