Ademola Adekunbi

CEO, Regal Inks Content Marketing

Ademola Adekunbi is a writer, entrepreneur, and CEO of Regal Inks Content Marketing. He works with companies to boost their search engine positions, and ensure an increase in customer engagement and revenue. 



Five Innovative Ways To Implement Automated Marketing For Improved Sales

With the right automation strategies and tools, the efficiency of your marketing activities can be improved significantly.

Growth Strategies

Four Science-Backed Steps To Choosing The Best Startup Partner

Having a business partner can make or break your operation; use these tips to ensure you find the right one.

Starting a Business

Five Things To Remember When Hiring Your Startup's First Few Employees

Regardless of how innovative and high-quality your startup's products and services are, the quality of your team will be the most important determinant of whether your business succeeds or fails.

Growth Strategies

Five Ways Big Data Can Help Your Business Succeed

According to Harvard Business Review, 99% of businesses surveyed reported that they intend to implement big data analytics and AI in the near future. On the flipside, only around 30% have actually succeeded in doing that.


Five Actionable Steps to Use Personalization to Boost Sales

Personalized user experiences have never been easier to implement and here is how.

Growth Strategies

Five Actionable Strategies To Leverage PR For Business Growth

As a small business, your PR is going to be a defining factor of your journey to success.

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