Anuradha Challu

Chief Human Resources Officer, Property Finder

Property Finder Chief Human Resources Officer Anuradha Challu comes with more than a decade of experience in consulting, forming strong business partnerships, and strategic HR. Anuradha was brought on board in July 2019, prior to which, she held the role of Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at PepsiCo MENA.

She has over two decades of experience in leading the human resources function, most of which she spent in devising and executing HR strategies to deliver business performance. She played a key role in setting up and stabilizing a new HR delivery model that impacted over 800 HR associates across 50 countries. She joined Property Finder to develop a new and improved vision and structure for the company, streamlining departments and tasks to ensure the epitome of efficiency and success.


Growth Strategies

A Company's Goal Should Be To Nurture Inspirational Entrepreneurs (And Not Just Efficient Employees)

More than guidance, a manager or mentor has an obligation to lead by example, as a team is an emulation of their leader.

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