Deena Habib

Founder and CEO, Yspot

As the founder and CEO of Yspot, Deena Habib, a proud working mother of two with a passion for technology, is on a mission to help revolutionize the way youth connect to businesses.

With a bachelor's degree in telecommunications engineering from the University of Kent in the UK, Deena plunged into her first role on a cable ship installing fiber optics, and since then rose into leading marketing roles with some of the biggest firms in the industry. She spent more than two decades working with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle and IBM.

Passionate about public speaking, Deena was the official spokesperson for several of her past companies, and spent a majority of her time at large conferences across the region. Knighted “The Enthusiast” by Channel Middle East, and featured as a leading woman in Tech for the MENA region, Deena uses her technical background and passion for the youth to help them tackle their ever changing needs. She aspires to be a part of the world with unlimited opportunities that can truly empower the youth.


Growth Strategies

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