Haris Aghadi

Co-founder and CEO, Meddy

Haris Aghadi is the co-founder and CEO of Meddy, a GCC-based doctor booking platform that helps patients find the best doctors, and book appointments with them. It allows patients to find doctors best suited for them based on a wide array of filters and reviews. Meddy is a 500 Startups portfolio company. 


Growth Strategies

11 Lessons Learned Raising A Series A Round For My Startup

The founder of Meddy, a GCC-based healthtech startup that helps patients find the best doctors and book appointments with them, shares his insights from the fundraising experience.

Starting a Business

The How-To: Starting Up A Business In Qatar

Haris Aghadi, co-founder of Qatar-based online platform Meddy, offers a guide to starting a business in Qatar.

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