Kathleen Bury

Chief Executive Officer, Mowgli Foundation

Kathleen Bury is the Mowgli Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer and holds a BA Hons degree in Business and Quality Management from the Nottingham Trent Business School, UK.  With a strong background in several industries, her 13 years of experience includes management consulting, market analysis, energy, entrepreneurship, communications/marketing, knowledge management, process design, event management and writing. Having worked predominantly within startup organizations and teams, Kathleen has a robust understanding of the SME sector and the challenges that entrepreneurs and SMEs face today when setting up and growing their businesses, as well as the need and benefit of mentoring.



Bringing Balance To The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem In MENA

On average, 80% of startup entrepreneurs fail on their first attempt, so it is imperative that the surrounding ecosystem supports them, rather than hinders them.

Growth Strategies

The Role of Mentorship In Achieving Economic Growth For The MENA Region

Mentoring that focuses on supporting both the business and personal aspects of the entrepreneur is key to ensuring the greatest Return On Mentoring Investment (ROMI).

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