Marcus Smith

Founder, InnerFight

Marcus Smith is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and international athlete. With a clear vision of building brands that improve people’s lives through health, culture and environment, he has developed and established two successful businesses, including international performance company, InnerFight, and paleo food provider, Smith St Paleo. He is the host of the InnerFight podcast, the UAE’s number 1 health podcast.


Growth Strategies

We Are What We Repeat: How To Make Building Habits (And Achieving Success) Feel Effortless

Habits are routine behaviors that we adopt and practice, often without even being aware of them. What is fascinating about them is that when done right, they enable you to propel yourself towards success- on autopilot!


Silencing The Noise: Managing Digital Distractions For A Better You

While the onset of social media has most certainly connected people, the flipside is that the distractions it causes simply don't serve you and your goals.

Growth Strategies

Four Ways To Give Your Customers Value

Figure out what it is that you can do for your consumer to ensure they value your brand so highly that they will be with you for life.

Starting a Business

The How-To: Figuring Out Who Your Customer Is

The number of young entrepreneurs who I talk to, that have thought about every single thing about their enterprise except who exactly are they going to be selling their product or service to, is beyond frightening.

Starting a Business

Setting Up A Business? Make Sure To Get Help At The Start

Don't wait until you become the overworked jack-of-all-trades and master of none before looking for help.

Growth Strategies

Know Your Strengths To Get Ahead As An Entrepreneur

Remember, your brand is going to win on your strengths.

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