Rina Bardic

Rina Bardic is a senior marketer currently working in the professional services industry. As an insightful storyteller, her specialty lies into synthesizing complex ideas and information into effective communication strategies. Always striving to leave a positive mark on society, she works across multiple sectors such as media, entertainment and social entrepreneurship. Rina holds an Honors Masters Degree in Marketing Communications from the Middlesex University. 


Social Media

Authenticity Through The Narrow Lenses Of The Instagram Age

With the rise of digital influencers, is a picture really worth a thousand words?

Growth Strategies

Here's Why New Hires Shouldn't Be Expected To "Hit The Ground Running"

Being cognizant of the complexities of the race, you will be able to judge if you are prepared for it, and if you want to participate in the fist place.

Growth Strategies

Finding Meaning In The Face Of Adversity

According to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, the seeds of resilience are planted into the way we process negative events in our lives, and that comes from understanding the 3P's: personalization, pervasiveness, and permanence.

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