Samar Nabulsi

Co-founder and Managing Director, Big On Children

Samar Nabulsi, co-founder and managing director of Big On Children, has taken the company from a three-person start up to overseeing 1000 global distributors in the space of three years. Big On Children has carved its success by bringing products into the UAE that previously didn't exist here, and by offering affordable distribution packages that encourage others to become entrepreneurs themselves. The company won the SME of the Year award at the 2014 Arabian Business Start Up Awards, and it was also a finalist at the 2015 GREAT Business Award competition.


Growth Strategies

How To Ensure Your Survival As A Startup

If you identify a need and offer a unique selling point (USP) with your business, people will still buy, regardless of what may be happening to the economy.

Growth Strategies

You've Got The Product: Now, It's Time To Branch Out

We had major accomplishments for Big On Children in its first year alone, and the company grew from three people to 12 in a span of eight months. So I thought: what next?

Growth Strategies

Growing Your Company: Five Hiring Tips For Your SME

Call them employees, staff or team members: regardless of the term you use, they are the ones who can make or break a company.

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