Shahzad Bhatti

Founder and Owner, The Co- Dubai

Shahzad Bhatti is the founder and owner of The Co- Dubai, a co-working space and one of the first small business accelerators to be certified by Dubai SME. 



Growth Strategies

Making A Recession Work For You

Startups and small business are best placed to make the most out a recession, as it throws open opportunities that are not available in an economy dominated by business behemoths.


Six Steps To Make Your Pop-Up A Success

If you're an online business, pop-ups are a great way to connect with existing and new customers in general, allowing them to have an offline brand experience that otherwise may not happen.

Growth Strategies

Freelancers Could Play A Key Role In Your Business' Expansion

In an age where the internet dominates the business landscape, freelancers can contribute to helping your SME expand.

Growth Strategies

How Pop-Ups Are Changing Retail

Gone are the days when high streets and malls dominated the retail landscape.

Growth Strategies

The Importance Of Offline Retail Presence In An Online World

While the popularity of online shopping has soared over the past few years, the value of an offline presence hasn't diminished.

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