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Tamara Pupic is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Middle East.

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Growth Strategies

Pulling No Punches: Robert Gryn, Founder And CEO, Metahero And Everdome

As someone who has been following the crypto sector for more than a decade, Gryn says he was keeping an eye out to make an educated investment in the domain when the right time came, and for him, that was when he launched Metahero and Everdome.


Pulse Co-Founder And CEO Mehdi Cherif On How Blockchain Changes Brand Engagement In The Music Industry

Mehdi Cherif, co-founder and CEO of Pulse, on using the power of blockchain to disrupt how brands use music to engage with their followers.


Inside The Artist's Mind: Sacha Jafri On Making Art, Building Something Meaningful, And, Yes, NFTs

The Dubai-based contemporary artist shares what it takes to be successful in today's art world, about the rise in interest in the nascent non-fungible token space, and how artists and entrepreneurs should surf this wave without being knocked back.

Growth Strategies

Building Upon A Legacy: Mohsin Hani Al-Bahrani, CEO - Automotive, Construction Equipment, and Renewable Energy, Mohsin Haider Darwish

Al-Bahrani gets candid about leading one of the largest privately owned business houses in the Gulf region, dating back to over half a century.


Decentralised Investment Group Founder Haydn Snape On Why Dubai Will Become The Crypto Center Of The World

Haydn Snape, founder and CEO of Decentralised Investment Group (DIG), on his commitment to creating innovative products that instill the values of "decentralization, financial independence, and individual liberty."


Lucia Clinic Founder Dr. Radmila Lukian On How She Built One Of Dubai's Foremost Cosmetic Medicine Centers

"As a dermatologist, I discovered my talent for aesthetic medicine very early on, since my results were outstanding from day one."