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From Corporate To Creative: Amrita Sethi's Path To Success In Dubai's Digital Art Scene Sethi is known for creating a unique art form that she calls SoundBYTES, where she captures the essence and structure of sound waves, and transforms them into visual narratives.

By Tamara Pupic

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Amrita Sethi
Amrita Sethi is the creator of a unique art form called SoundBYTES.

"I firmly believe in being the artist of one's own life, creating new narratives, characters, and outcomes, through deliberate choices and actions." With this statement, Amrita Sethi reveals one of the guiding principles that helped her transition from a career in banking, to her current status as one of Dubai's most popular names in the realm of non-fungible token (NFT) art. "The pivot towards art was not solely a professional decision, but also a spiritual and emotional journey," Sethi says. "Years before leaving the corporate sphere, a meeting with an Indian spiritual mentor named Manoj Lekhi profoundly shifted my perspective on life, sparking an interest in the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul. This spiritual exploration, complemented by studies in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and insights from various gurus, laid the foundation for a transformative process, which ultimately guided me towards embracing my entrepreneurial spirit, and rediscovering my artistic voice."

Today, Sethi is known for creating a unique art form that she calls SoundBYTES, where she captures the essence and structure of sound waves, and transforms them into visual narratives through art. "This innovative approach stemmed from the idea that a single word can evoke a myriad of images, challenging the traditional notion that a picture is worth a thousand words," she explains. "In essence, my art encapsulates the belief that our words and thoughts have the power to shape our reality, drawing parallels with artificial intelligence's capability to generate visual interpretations from textual inputs."

Since launching the concept, Sethi has been able to see SoundBYTES quickly gain traction, and has led to significant milestones for the artist, which include creating the first voice- generated art installation at Art Dubai -one of the Middle East's largest international art fairs- in 2019, participating in the 2020 edition of the World Expo in Dubai, and creating one of the largest augmented reality murals at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

As for this year, Sethi is getting set to launch a digital collectible collection called Bucket Monsters, which, she says, intertwines art, storytelling, and technology. "It is designed to offer a unique inter- pretation of the bucket list concept, transforming it into a narrative about life's experiences, challenges, and the emotions we accumulate," Sethi explains. "Each piece in the 5,000 NFT collectible series will highlight the significance of our choices, and the ways we navigate life's hurdles, encouraging a reflective and introspective journey for the audience."

An interesting thing about interviewing Sethi for this feature is her insight that a reinvention in life and business is not a one-time event- on the contrary, she suggests that every stage in life requires us to go through various hurdles, and emerge out of them as better versions of ourselves. In line with this sentiment, Sethi is now focused on overcoming challenges she has faced in the art sector. "The traditional art narrative has long celebrated male artists, leaving female artists underrepresented," she says. "This imbalance extends to museum collections and exhibitions, where works by women have been significantly less featured. In the commercial realm, auction records have shown a stark preference for male artists' work, underscoring the gender disparity in the valuation and recognition of art."

According to Sethi, the emergence of digital art and NFT spaces presents a new frontier for with fewer gatekeepers, offering a more level playing field for women. "In these arenas, I've found opportunities to assert my presence and voice, using the platforms to champion diversity and inclusivity," she says. "The digital realm, particularly the NFT space, inherently democratizes art distribution and recognition, allowing artists like myself to bypass traditional barriers, and connect directly with audiences."

Amrita Sethi is getting set to launch a digital collectible collection called Bucket Monsters. Source: Amrita Sethi

Respect the process
"Acknowledge that mistakes are part of the growth process. Regularly reflect on, and address your errors, learning from each to progress with clarity and insight. This practice is vital for personal development and successful career transitions."

Remember to put your mask on first (always) "Make your well-being a priority. Fostering mental, physical, and spiritual health creates a solid foundation for enduring success. When you are well and whole, you are better equipped to face challenges, inspire others, and achieve your professional goals."

Become a learn-it-all "Embrace a mindset of continuous learning and curiosity. Engaging in ongoing education, whether through courses, workshops, or self-directed study, can unlock new opportunities, and empower you to adapt and thrive in new professional landscapes."

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Tamara Pupic

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

Tamara Pupic is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Middle East.

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