Creating Impact: Nine-Year-Old Emirati Entrepreneur Aldhabi AlMheiri On What Led Her To Launch Rainbow Chimney Educational Aids Crediting her parents for her ensuring a successful entrepreneurial journey so far, AlMheiri also delves into explaining why entrepreneurs are vital for a healthy business ecosystem.

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It was a deep love for reading books that first led nine-year-old Aldhabi AlMheiri to conceptualize the idea behind UAE-based Rainbow Chimney Educational Aids (Rainbow Chimney), an online bookshop, retail store, and publishing house. "I saw that everybody loves electronics, and they would never get off it," AlMheiri says. "It started first with my cousins and I would always tell my mother 'Mama, why don't they read books? Why don't they love books?' So I went home and thought about what I could do to stop this. I thought of making a box, and putting in some activities, books and toys. When I gave it to them [my cousins], they wanted to know what was inside the box. But I had one condition if they wanted to open the box: they had to leave all the electronics aside."

AlMheiri then goes on to explain how this experience led her to research on small businesses along with her mother- a move that eventually led to the launch of Rainbow Chimney in 2020. "I decided to make a business that sells books, activities and toys," she continues. "I told my mother that I want to help children to get off [sic] electronics. That's when my mom decided to help me launch Rainbow Chimney bookshop and publishing house."

Crediting her parents for her ensuring a successful entrepreneurial journey so far, AlMheiri also delves into explaining why entrepreneurs are vital for a healthy business ecosystem. Sharing her personal views on what young entrepreneurs like herself must do to stay committed to their goals, she adds, "I would tell them to get out of their comfort zones, work hard to achieve their dreams, and focus in classes because it's really important to get the right education in school."

Watch the full video to find out more about how nine-year-old AlMheiri achieved her entrepreneurial dreams, and what she has planned for the future!

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