Ask The Expert: Dr. Kamel Mellahi From Dubai Chamber's Centre for Responsible Business To Answer All Your CSR-Related Queries The latest edition of Dubai Chamber's Ask The Expert will feature Dr. Kamel Mellahi, Senior Manager, Centre for Responsible Business, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Dr. Kamel Mellahi, Senior Manager, Centre for Responsible Business, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

There are many ways in which businesses can help address society's needs during a crisis, which has been evident from the COVID-19 outbreak when all companies, large or small, immediately started urging their target audiences to "stay home" or to respect the rules of social distancing. In addition, these CSR and and sustainable corporate practices have a positive impact on the business itself. In this latest instalment of Ask The Expert, we look at how businesses can continue doing this effectively.

As part of its Business Connect initiative, Dubai Chamber, in partnership with Entrepreneur Middle East, has been staging Ask The Expert, a social media series that sees industry experts from Dubai's business sector answer questions from the public on a variety of subjects, and its latest edition will have Dr. Kamel Mellahi, Senior Manager, Centre for Responsible Business, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, responding to your queries.

In addition to answering questions on how CSR can help Dubai-based businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19, Mellahi will also explain how Dubai Chamber can assist them in implementing the most effective sustainable corporate practices.

Click here to submit your questions, and stay tuned for the answers on our social media channels (@EntMagazineME and @DubaiChamber on Twitter and Instagram) using the hashtag #DCBusinessConnect.

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