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Five Strategic Team Management Tips To Boost Your Business Effective team management is crucial for the development -and the overall success- of your company or brand.

By Tasnim Nazeer

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In the competitive landscape of high achieving companies, there are only a select number of entrepreneurs who have recognized that, first and foremost, the nurturing of a team is key in spearheading rapid growth. But when it comes to managing one's team, it's important to remember that not every strategy can spur a significant impact, or get the desired result that you may be working to achieve. Effective team management is crucial for the development -and the overall success- of your company or brand.

There have been many successful companies in the Middle East who have accelerated their business by virtue of their well-structured team that adds value to the company, and in turn, feel valued by their colleagues. Amir Shaikh, founder and CEO of the Dubai-based Gig Tricks, notes that the way that employees view management is a good indicator of how far the business will succeed in its goals. "You need to be able to blend leadership and develop trust with those you work, by demonstrating yourself as a leader and not a manager," Shaikh says. "This is the secret sauce of a successful company".

Many entrepreneurs have found that taking the time to develop strategies to manage a team has enabled them to avoid potential communication breakdowns in the long run, which ultimately result in poor performance and can have adverse effects on the reputation of your brand. If you are a business owner, CEO, team leader, or project manager, then you may have come across challenges in building a corporate culture that works for your business. With this being the case, here are five ways you can effectively manage your team and propel your company to the next level:

1. Build a positive company culture

Developing a corporate culture, and adding clarity to the shared values and beliefs of your company can help to establish a foundation for your unique working environment. Corporate culture can play a significant impact on the way your employees perform, and make them feel part of something special, which will in turn enable them to feel that they have a real purpose in contributing to your company and adding value. You can either implement a mission statement, express corporate culture verbally, or as part of the on-boarding process when hiring new employees. Ensuring that employees understand what your company's culture is will enable you to form a sustainable team that flourishes from the onset. One of the best ways to develop the basis of your company's culture is to have a clear vision and mission, and motivate your employees by taking the time out to speak to them about it, ensuring that they are all familiar with it, and support the ethos of your company. When everyone is working on the same page, enjoy what they do, and is enthusiastic about what your company stands for, then it's more likely for you to see significant and profitable results for the business.

2. Develop healthy communication practices

Be a role model to your team by developing healthy communication practices at your business. You can do this by ensuring that you are invest some time in listening to your employee's concerns and ideas, as well as by recognizing ways to tackle problems in the work environment which need your input. If you shy away behind emails, delegate to another project manager, or do not address key concerns of your employees, then they will find you less approachable, and the communication framework may break down. Practice conflict resolution methodologies that can help people to open up. This will pave the way for a more cohesive working environment, as you keep your team engaged by listening and responding to their views. Enhancing employee engagement will enable them to speak up, be more productive when taking on board constructive criticism, and work towards recognizing their own individual contributions that will motivate them to work harder resulting in more growth.

3. Appreciate and reward your employees

Taking the time out to recognize and reward exceptional work from your employees will motivate them to work even harder and feel valued. If you are managing a large team, it can often be difficult to recognize individual efforts or exceptional performance. In this instance, you could invest in arranging a monthly work dinner for those who meet sales goals, or send a team email congratulating employees when they have worked exceptionally hard and shown significant results due to their performance. There is a psychology behind the gesture of giving, and that is, by giving, people want to give back and often give more.

4. Invest in training

If you want your talented employees who show promise to really excel and contribute significantly to the growth of your company, then be prepared to invest in training that can enable them to be high performance employees. You could run workshops, send employees to conferences or organize an in-house training session. With the advancement of technology, the way we run businesses have changed and the need for more training incentives is critical. Organizing both virtual or face-to face training can show a significant rise in performance with employees being able to utilize new skills.

5. Look into resources and work environment

The environment and resources available to your employees should be at par with your expectations. If you want your team to deliver successful results and contribute to the growth of your company, you need to be ready to invest in both the resources they need to implement this- and yes, a bright and happy working environment will help. The space you work in can significantly impact your mood, which is why an investment in your office space can ensure that your employees have the resources and space to work cohesively and feel happy to come to work.

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Tasnim Nazeer

Journalist, author, and UN Universal Peace Federation Ambassador.

Tasnim Nazeer is an award-winning journalist, author, and UN Universal Peace Federation Ambassador. She has written for The Huffington Post, CNN, BBC, and others. She was awarded the Ibn Battuta Award for Excellence in Media in 2013 for writing on a range of topics from business and entrepreneurship to human rights and world news.

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